Our Story

Desi Astriani is an indonesian who was born and raised in Bali. She spent her life in the village with her parents until she finished university. She worked hard since she was little, helping her mother for a small buisness and got a part time job when she was studies. Life looks so simple from her mind and eyes, thoughs about saving money, married, have a little family, thats it! But on the other side of her mind, every night she imagined so many things about an amazing life journey, movies makes her imagination event more strong. 

Don't really sure when it started, she confused about life, worried and afraid, not sure anymore about what she really wanted. Most of  her friends from highschool or university are married, or study again or working in the office. She felt like everyone looked so happy or enjoyed what they did. She didn't want to do the same. A strong Balinese culture in the village didn't help, her family wanted her to get married, the people around her asked many times, about job, boyfriend.

She decided to travel, for a reason of finding herself or tried to understand what she really want to do. after 1 year, when was in Australia, Nataoka came into her mind.

Nataoka is inspired by her parent's name, Nata and Oka. Launched January 2017 in Hongkong Fashion Week (She won a fashion design competition and got a ticket to join an exhibition in Hongkong Fahion Week). And by then Nataoka raised in Bali. Produce in the village where Desi's family live, with all the worker from the village. 

From daily market to everyday market, from consigment in The other store, and in the end of 2017, Nataoka with 4 others local brands in Bali, opened a Store named The Locals Canggu. 

Today, 2020

Nataoka open a second store called Nataoka Store and also sell in more then 10 store in Bali. Also worked with others international brands to bring Nataoka to Spain and Australia.